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Fire Restoration

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Working with Mortgage Companies

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Fire Restoration

Many times a fire is unwelcome in your home. They can cause different degrees of damage and leave people without homes. Some of the damages and consequences that are caused by a fire are:

• Smoke:

Smoke has a unique behavior. Our experienced fire restoration professionals know that smoke in its entirety can penetrate through almost any structure. Our knowledge of buildings and how they are structured helps us investigaste how the smoke damage could have spread to the extent that it did. Smoke has the tendency to travel around plumbing systems by using the holes that are located in those areas thus helping the smoke travel from floor to floor. There are a few things that you should know about smoke.

First is that hot smoke comes from cool areas and upper levels of any structure. There are also different varieties of smoke. First we would test the soot to see what kind of smoke has occurred in your home. There are different damages and residues from different degrees of smoke. Wet Smoke, which is smoke coming from a low heat fire, could be sticky with an odor. Dry Smoke coming from fast burning fires with a high temperature is often dry and leaves a powder residue.

Then there are Protein Residues which can sometimes be very difficult to see. This type of residue discolors paints and has an extreme odor. Fuel Oil Soot are what we like to call puff backs that give out fuel and oil soot.

• Water Removal:

Let EJP take care of you during your most difficult times due to fire restoration. We specialize in safe drying, deodorizing and disinfecting areas that might have been damaged due to flooded water coming from a fire. Some of the state of the art equipment we use helps us in many different ways. We use moisture detectors, hygrometers and other different types of measurement to help us determine the saturation level. Infrared cameras may be used to also find out where other hidden water damage might be.

Submersible and gas powered pumps are always pumping out high level water damage. We carry truck mounted extraction components that perform the water removal.

• Mold Mitigation:

Your health is our number one priority we want to help rectify and preserve after a fire occurs in your home. Mold is a big concern for people even if they didn’t experience a fire. Excessive amount of mold and even small amounts of certain types of mold can be very hazardous to the health of your family and family pets. There are some ways you can tell that mold is present in your home. The presence itself is highly visible and the mold gives off a very strong musty odor. More than half the time water damage is the one to blame for mold growth. Yet if your home or parts of your home are damp and humid, then chances are you may have a problem with mold growth.

In your home and business it is extremely important to have this cleared, removed and properly contained as promptly as possible. Do not worry because our help is here for you. We can safely restore your home or business to its healthiest condition - without the mold that is!

Working with insurance adjusters:

When working with adjusters we investigate insurance claims by taking steps one foot at a time. First interviewing the claimant and the witnesses, and if necessary consulting other authorities. Inspection of property damage is done to determine the extent of the company’s liability. Adjusters have the knowledge to complete the preparation. Some terms that adjuster’s use in their documents might be depreciation, replacement costs, and actual cash value. If any of those terms are un-known to you feel free to ask.

EJP Contracting corp. has worked with numerous insurance adjusters over the years. Some times during the evaluation of the extentent of the property damage there can be additional items that were missed or under valued. Therefore it is out job to discover these items if any and promptly notify the insurance adjusters and insurance companies so these items are not over looked.

Working with Mortgage Companies:

Hopefully the day will never dawn upon you and your family to have to contact your mortgage company and tell them your house went on fire. The proper way to contact the mortgage company is to first call them. You then want get a hold of the Financial Institution that holds your mortgage. Fire sufficiently enough lowers the value of your home. This could also affect your mortgage in the long run. Properly restoring your home will also restore the proper value. The mortgage company must be involved until the home is completely restored. We will take care of the process for you.

General Contracting

Some of the services we provide are Carpentry, Plumbing, Masonry Work, Iron Work, Painting, Kitchen Remodeling, Dry Wall, and Bathroom Remolding. Have a particular job that is not listed don’t worry just contact us and we’ll do everything we can to accommodate your needs.


We perform complete renovation and building services, on commercial construction projects. The projects may also include places like office buildings, shopping centers, retail stores, and restaurants. Our contractors also focus on larger multi unit residential projects. The bulk of housing work is done by our professional residential contractors. There is a difference in materials, methods of construction, and skills required that makes its rare to find the right company. Here at EJP Contracting we can take care of all your Restoration, and Construction needs.


Sometimes homeowners want to be the contractor and take jobs on by themselves. Let EJP take care of the job for you. Residential Contractors construct and/or renovate buildings. We provide a labor for the jobs, and schedule each phase of the job. We are the ones that will take care of all the worrying for you. We are the ones that obtain the permits and arrange the required inspections.

We understand the pain and suffering you might be enduring. Let us ease the frustration.
Smoke damage is one of the elements of fire. We will work along side adjusters to evaluate the damages
The next step is to evaluate the extent of water damage. We will help prevent mold growth with our rapid response time.
After all damages are inspected and work is near completion we get ready to bring you back to your home
Here we are! A home newly restored and a smile back on the faces of a once distraught family.

EJP Contracting Corp.

EJP Contracting Corp. has been striving for excellence for over twenty years. The principals of the corporation are Enzo Puccio President and Joe Puccio Vice President. Prior to opening this company we worked with our father in the same field specializing in Fire Restoration, and various types of General Contracting including Residential, Commercial, and New Construction.

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“We work mostly in the tri-state area and in most cases we complete our work prior to receiving the funds to repair your home from the Insurance Companies.”

– Enzo Puccio